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Born in Nicosia in 1959 she completed her primary and secondary education in Cyprus, high school education in England. She graduated from King's College London, Faculty of Law in 1980. She was called to the Bar through Gray's Inn in 1981. On 26 November 1981, she started practising as a lawyer in Cyprus. In 1987, she was appointed a District Court Judge. In 1995 she was promoted to Senior Judge and in 2002 to District Court President. Within this period, she presided at various District Courts as well as the Assize Court, as a member judge and as president. In 2008, she was appointed a Supreme Court Judge. As a Supreme Court Judge, she has sat as a member judge and as presiding president in both the Court of Appeal and High Administrative Court.

Currently, she is President of the Supreme Court, President of the Supreme Council of Judicature and President of the Senior Electoral Council.

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