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She was born on 9 March 1962 in Nicosia. She graduated from Famagusta Namık Kemal Lisesi in 1980 and from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1984. She practised as a lawyer until 1993.

On 15 September 1993, she was appointed a District Court Judge, on 16 April 2002 a District Court Senior Judge, and on 1 June 2008 District Court President. With in this period, she served in various District Courts and the Assize Court as a Member Judge and as President.

She was appointed to the Supreme Court on 16 September 2014. She is a member of the Supreme Council of Judicature and an Associate Member of the Senior Elector Council. After completing her masters degree from EMU Faculty of Law, on International Law-European Union Law, she obtained her PhD from Ankara University Institute of Social Sciences on European Union Law.

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