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Appointed as a Supreme Court Judge on 4 January 2016, Beril Çağdal was born on 21.10.1967. After completing her secondary education in Cyprus, she attended Sevenoaks School in Kent,England and studied Law at the University of Southampton. Upon graduation she took the Law Society’s examinations and practised as a “Trainee Solicitor” in London for two years. She returned to Cyprus and worked as a lawyer from 1993 to 2000.

She was appointed as a District Court Judge on 1 November 2000, as a Senior District Court Judge on 18 January 2008 and as President of the District Court on 5 January 2015. Within this period she served at the District Court of Kyrenia, District Court of Nicosia, The Assize Court and the District Court of İskele.

Beril Çağdal is married and has two children.

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